Port lower cap rail calked!

 Another big deal we got done besides working on the refer was the port cap rail. This has been the other pain in the “you know what”. It has been leaking and we caulked it once but used 3M 100 before they discontinued it. We also did not remove the varnish from the cap rail. It still leaked some. SO we stripped the cap rail of it’s varnish and stripped the 3M 100 from the cap rail, a real pain. Then I put on gobs of 3M 4000 UV. It worked great only like I said gobs of it. It was a test. To varnish the cap rail this gobs of 3M 4000 UV would need to be removed. So we did and again it was a real pain. SO this time is a charm we already did the starboard side in the lower areas by the big windows. This time we did the port side by the big windows. This is where the water collets. Go it done and that was the big deal. We will be finishing up the rest of the cap rail this winter as it does not leak much and is a lot easier.

 Previously when I put gobs on

Also this time I added some brown paper to the deck to keep it clean from my mess making

All done


Now this area on the stern port is ready for taping

 We are also going to do the stanchions. We do not want to take on re-bedding them at this time but want to have a dry boat. To this end we will tape them off and put some 3M 4000 UV around them and their screws and make it look nice while sealing them up. 

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