VW Jetta has the windshield tinted

The windshield has been tinted with Johnsons Window Filmsand it will take up to 30 days for the tint to dry, which will clear out any fog and water bubbles.
It seems fine driving it now however. Nice and cool without any glare!
This is the same window tint (Johnsons Window Films  "InsulatIR") that we were quoted on in California. The price here in Mexico was 1\3 the cost than in California. The tint is made in the US.
End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
That's our VW 2008 Jetta back across the street.
That's our VW 2008 Jetta back across the street. The tint shop moved across the street so now the original shop, Shop Wheels, looks to only do tires and rims.
A new or near new Honda getting tinted.
This is a new Ford pick up truck waiting for tint.
Our 2008 Jetta getting the front windshield tinted.
They use Johnsons Window Films "InsulatIR" for the front windshield. It is a premium film that looks clear. It is hard to tell by looking at it that the windshield is tinted. It really cuts the UV and heat from coming in by the windshield and the glare.
Johnsons Window Films "InsulatIR"
This is the film "Parasol" which was used on the rest of the windows in two different tints, dark and medium and dark on the sun roof..

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