Removed chain bracket from anchor locker - patching holes and clean up

This is where the old roller was located.
It bent the chain down so it would come onto the Lewmar H3 anchor windless at a better angle. It did that job but we found it was twisting the chain. It also took up a lot of space in the anchor locker. We tried using the Lewmar H3 anchor windless without it for many times anchoring and found the chain did netter and the Lewmar H3 anchor windless did just fine.
We plan to raise the Lewmar H3 anchor windless up a couple inches as we have the room in the anchor locker height wise. Possibly next summer.

 Middle of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatl├ín, Mexico
Wow look at all the room!
Now it is easier to store our Honda 9.9 outboard gas tank and our Honda EU2000i  generator extra gas can here as it is vented. Also our Mantus Anchor Bridle and other assorted anchoring gear.
So first we knocked in some of the bolts that were cut off when we removed the roller assembly. We needed to make some room in the holes for filler if that makes sense ­čśľ  We purchased the epoxy and AutoZone.
 Ready for the epoxy fill.
Well almost ready. First I decided to blue tape the holes as it usually saves a lot of clean up work.
Ok the epoxy fill did not work.
The epoxy would drain out of the hole making as mess. I tried waiting until the epoxy firmed up a bit but then it was getting hard before I could apply it. After making a big mess I quit for a day or so. Then it was clean up time. I tried sanding with 50 grit but that was not much help. Then I used a chisel and a glass hammer and it worked great. Then some sanding.
The decision was made to use the white silicone we had on hand from a previous job. This will not be permanent but will work for a season or two. some time in the future we will fiberglass these holes up and paint out the anchor locker with a two part paint. We also want to change out the lights and raise the Lewmar H3 anchor windless 2 inches. It has that much room it can go up in the anchor locker before hitting the lid. 
 Then we taped the area up with blue tape and painted with some white metal paint we purchased locally and we had on hand from another project. We also did the around the drain as it has 3M 4000 UV Marine Adhesive  around it and that gets dirty and is herd to clean. While we were painting the around the old bracket roller we decided to try some paint over the 3M to see if it would keep the dirt off.
 All done, looking better.
 When the 3\8 Acco chain is connected to the 45lb CQR anchor you will not see below the anchor locker lid.

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