Air Breeze mount pole gets some lovin'

The bottom of the Air Breeze aluminum mounting pole
is getting some marine paint bubbling.
It is not corrosion yet but it will be. To prevent that from happening we are removing the bubbling paint.  We then sanded the area and then re-painted the area with new paint purchased from the local paint store for metal.

Beginning of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatl√°n, Mexico
 Our Air Breeze mounting pole with a couple coats of paint on it.

All done except for feathering in the edges of the new paint
with the original paint on the pole. We will wait
a bit till the new paint cures more.
Here we would like to remove the clamp. Then clean the area up and possibly paint the clamp. This may not happen as we are running out of time before we go to the States (land travel) for the rest of the summer.

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