VW Jetta went to the suspension shop and got booted etc

Here we are looking at the plastic pan that helps protect the motor from rocks etc.
It could be held up better as one end is missing a couple screws and the area is missing some plastic. We brought with us a couple SS screws and lock nuts along with a drill and drill bit etc.

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Here I am drilling a hole in one end of the plastic pan and the wheel wall.
No place I know of in San Diego, CA will let you under the car and let you muck around with your own drill!
The screw is shown here before it is tightened,

The guys were more than willing to do most of the work.

Tightening up the screw.
New rear sway bar hardware.
New front rubber boots.
Looks nice.
They had to take off the front axles to put on these new rubber boots.
  Costs about 1\4 of what it would north of the border!
All work was done for about $100.00 USD including putting in the new screws and parts!
We gave the guys a nice tip for putting in the screws.

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