Cover for water filter used at marinas

Debbie sewing the UV water filter cover on our "Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Sewing Machine"
 Because we use this in marinas and it hangs on the rail we wanted to cover it. We like it to be on the rail as it is supposed to be as close as posible to where the final product will be. That is as close to the water tank as posible. Also it is off the dock and out of harms way. We however do not care to look at it through our nice larger Salon, Settee, galley That brings us to the cover. This look a lot nicer covered than not.

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This is the UV water filter system when we first purchased it.
We have since replaced the straight up-and-down hose barbe with a 90 deg one.
This enables the out hose to lay better towards the deck fill and the cover to lay flat on top of the UV filter system.
Preparing to install some DOT twist fasteners
to keep the cover from blowing off.
Debbie still smiling!
Here I am putting holes in the Sunbrella for the dot fasteners that will hold the twist fasteners. The holes Debbie marked up with a pencil.
Me hard at work!
We used the "Barry King Mallet Hammer" to set the twist fasteners in. 
Debbie measuring for fasteners on the back
or front (which side of the boat it is on).
Here I am putting in the twist fasteners.
Then it was time to use the punch tool to make the holes
for the female side. Debbie did the marking for locations.
And wala! All done!
One side permanent and the other side with a fastener
in order to get it around the stanchion mount.
As you can see the UV water filter is mounted on the inside of the life lines on this side because we have it on the port side. It goes into the water tank on this side better that way.
Now all covered up.
Looks good, a lot easier on the eyes.
This is looking out the salon window. We do have the boat all covered so you do not see past the covers.

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