Anchor locker payday is getting re-worked

Our payday is leaking through the anchor locker into the chain locker.
So out it will come and we will re-seal it and re-install it.
Not a bad leak, well any leak is bad on our sail boat s\v Elegant'sea but this does not leak a lot. This line to the bitter end of the anchor rode could also be a bit smaller.
We have two lines there for our two rodes but this older photo only shows one.

Middle of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This shows the bolts and fender washers that hold in the payday.
This is about the only place we could put this pay day
without having the bolt holes showing in the head
or being in the way of the rode.
Payday removed.
You can see where the payday was leaking, where the rust is.
Way up forward is the payday.
We use it to tie the bitter ends of our two anchor rodes so we do not accidently let them pay themselves right out of the boat while anchoring. One is at least 300 ft long so that is unlikely but still it could happen. Also it is small line so it can easily be cut if need be for safety.
Chain locker with Mantus Anchor Bridle stored in it for summer.
The chain locker.
The door to the chain locker in the head.
 Originally, we used silicone to seal the screw and fender washers in the holes . Either or one could be the reason that one screw was leaking. We cleaned up some of the silicone and put a chamfer on the holes.
 Holes now are chamfered.
This time we will use 3M 4000 UV Marine Fast Cure Sealant to seal up the holes and screws. The screws have nuts on them at the other side of the pay day below in the chain locker.
 All done, pay day secured again and water proof! We had gone to the fastener store here in Mazatlán and purchased ne SS fasteners for replacing the payday.
 Debbie, being the small one, climbed inside the chain locker
and tightened the nuts after placing the pay day on the bolts.
 Debbie at work on the payday, aka boat yoga.
All water tight up here in the anchor locker.

This is how it would work. The line then continues up into the Lewmar H3 windless and out into the anchor locker. The line prevents the chain or other rode from paying out all the way and over the side. The smaller line is easy to cut if need be and will reach up to the bow roller or so it can be cut below at this spot or up on deck. If the bitter end of the chain is bolted inside the boat then it may be next to imposible to let go in an emergency.

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  1. I could never find a payday on WORTH WAITING 4.
    But seriously, our tether for the anchor rode was under the forward head holding tank and impossible to reach. We keep reading your blogs and enjoying the info. Hi to all in the Sea