Hatch pull is getting replaced in the stateroom

These pulls were put in by Owen the Shipwright who put in our decks.
He used some sealant\glue or something else to help hold them down which was probably a mistake. Then whatever he used got into the hinges on some of these small hatch pulls and the round pull would bend out of shape and not seat down into the groove made for it. This is dangerous especially for bare foot people. It can give you a nasty cut or make you trip over it easily. We have replaced a few and had this one to go. We had cut the pull off it so it was not dangerous and would lift the hatch in front of it and then we could get this one up. So we have some time and decided to go for it and fix this one.

Beginning of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
I had to cut around the edges of the bronze pulls several times before I could free them up and pry them out. This one was the same. The ones we fixed we just screwed back in with no adhesive and they have worked fine for quite a while now.
Kind of messy coming out. I did nick the deck a couple times with the razor knife but it will varnish away.
Finishing up the removal of the hatch pull.
OK we tried to install the new hatch pull and realized we had purchased ones that are too small when we were last in the states. Bummer. ­čśĽ So now what?
We will be going to the states soon for part of the summer so we will pick up the right ones then. For now, we cleaned up the area and put the old one back in and taped over it because it is kind of tore up now. This protects the deck from having a hole and possibly damaging the edges around the hole with no hatch pull it it.

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