Shadetree Boat Awning Systems - fabric for the bow pulpit cover

We took a road trip with Andrew on s\v Windsong to some fabric stores Andrew knew of.
We were looking for some fabric for the extension of the Shade Tree fabric to the bow pulpit. Also we wanted some outboard motor fabric as Debbie is making an extension to that cover also. Andrew is very knowledgeable when it comes to canvas and sewing with canvas. 

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Shadetree Boat Awning Systemsfabric to the right. Here the birds sit on the end of the whisker pole and poop on the deck. The rain and sun beat down on the deck and into the anchor locker.
We  have found and purchased fabric at Keystone Fabrics

in San Diego for these separators we made.  
This connects the bow and the stern covers so there is not a space by the mast. The sun and rain always find its way into the hatch etc with the open space.
The fabric we used from Keystone Fabrics is holding up well and it is light and sheds sun and water good. The Shadetree Boat Awning Systemsis getting old and the stern section is de-treating and will last no more than possibility this season. We are looking for a replacement fabric here in Mexico for a decent price. Not likely but we are looking. Sumbrella is too heavy and bulky for us to store and it is expensive.
Debbie is going to make a cover for the bottom half of our Honda 9.9 outboard.
Debbie is copying the local pangas. The bottom of the outboard houses gears and gear lube and a rubber impeller among other items. No sense having it exposed in the baking sun for six months while it is not used! We currently use a left over storage bag but it tends to slip down.
The place we went to had a good selection for home use. Not boat use. They also had foam. The had Sunbrella but it was linen for furniture.

Debbie checking for goodies.
Foam in the back.

This is Loneta fabric which can be used outdoors.
Thread, glue and other goodies!
The second place we went to in search of gray Sunbrella-type fabric.
Andrew on s\v Windsong.
Andrew on s\v Windsong to right and Debbie to the left.
Debbie checking out the fabrics.
Andrew's car. 
Similar to the other place - here is their thread, fasteners and other goodies!
They had plenty of snaps and DOT-twist fasteners.
They could order the gray Sunbrella-type fabric we were looking for however in considering it, we decided to wait, for several reasons. 
Sunbrella is a little expensive ($145 US just to do the bow), it is heavy and if we need to re-do the whole boat cover, then we want something lighter.  So we passed. 
Andrew and Debbie discussing their purchases and inquiries.
This whole section of white building is part of the fabric shop.
It is used as a work shop for making dodgers and refurbishing couches etc.
Debbie did get some fabric for the Honda 9.9 outboard
but we could not find any for the bow.

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