The Beta 38 hp has been running on fresh water

Our Beta 38 hp diesel engine has been running on fresh water from our water tanks while we are at the dock summerizing.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We add fresh water to the tanks as the engine is running. We pick a day to run the Beta engine that we need to add water to the boat anyway. We have a total of 110 gallons of fresh water or two tanks with 55 gal each in stainless steel tanks.
This makes it easy to run the Beta engine while we are the dock. As diesels like to be run we want to keep our Beta happy and all seals lubed, alternators dried out etc.
So as shown in the video, one valve turned on and we are good to go. Actually, we need to turn two valves on, one to the raw water strainer to fresh water from salt then the one in the engine space.
We also can use the same method to flush the washdown pump and the two Mermaid Marine HVAC units. This method, of course, by-passes the Jacobs engine intake strainer. Easy and quick. In fact because we have a Spectra Water maker 200T Deluxe we usually wash down the anchor chain with fresh water. We can select fresh water or salt water for the washdown pump from the anchor locker. We did these upgrades a few years ago (all blogged) and they have worked out great. We also installed valves on the SurFlo PRO BLASTER™ Washdown pump and the two Mermaid Marine HVAC units for bleeding them in case they need it. These also come in real handy as well.

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