The galley Whale Gusher foor pump has developed a leak

Our Whale Gusher foot pump was leaking and so we pulled it out. It turns out that the pin holding the pump foot peddle is coming out. We tried to knock the pin back in but no luck.

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 We used a glass hammer and a drift pin but the pin would not budge. We then lubed up the hole and pin but still no go.
If we had a nice vice and possibly a different hammer and a way of holding the peddle straight so it would line up with the hole on the opposite side it may go back in. It also may still leak. If we cannot figure out a way to do this before we leave for the US we will take it with us and try at some house sit place and also get a re-build kit for it.

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