Shadetree Boat Awning Systems - s\v Elegant'sea is getting covered for the summer

You like our pilot house? Ok, it is not our boat up there!
We are very covered up now and it has really helped keep the boat cool. We do help it out with the AC unit. But really the AC unit does not work hard at all to keep us cool or even cold. Yes it is only June but there is a noticeable difference in the humidly now.

Beginning of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The separator we made for the mast.
The bow section we were looking for fabric for. This we want to cover.
The section we are going to make a cover for.
Now that we use the Shadetrees as covers we will sew up or cover the holes that are from the Shadetrees being on the poles.
Another spot to get sewed closed or patched.
Wrestling with the tarp for the bimini.
We take down the bimini and wash it and store it and the dodger and all side shade. It is safely away from the six months of hurricane season's sun\wind and rain.
The tarp we purchased at Home Depot is too big so we are going to use the extra for temporary side shade while we are living on the boat.
The tarp is shaping up.
Ok, no luck at the fabric stores so we made a temporary cover
for hurricane season from a Home Depot tarp.
 Covered nicely!
The tarp keeps the sun out. We will probably leave the top piece on for hurricane season. It will help shed rain and bird poop.
Yes the cockpit looks a little less "yachty" this way!

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