Darn Lazy Jack - Debbie up the mast to the rescue!

When we washed\dried and removed the sails for hurricane season the Lazy Jack on the starboard side got stuck at the block on the mast. Darn, there was a knot in it that slipped by us (pun not intended as it didn't slip through the block!).

Beginning of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
So who do you call? Our local rigger Debbie went up and let the poor Lazy Jack loose.
Debbie wears a harness (red/yellow in this picture) on top with a tether attached. 
The tether is then wrapped around the mast for safety (this is the same tether we wear when we are in the cockpit that attaches to the binnacle via a jack line).  On the bottom she wears another harness which we normally attach the main halyard to, again for safety - safety first!!  This time though, we had to use another block and tackle (formally the mast climber we purchased) because the main halyard was already put away for the summer.This enables Debbie to climb the mast on the mast steps like Spider-Woman! 
 Debbie getting ready to ascend.
 Debbie hamming it up.
Debbie descending safely.

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