Pool party at Mayan Palace

Chip and his "pet" iguana!! 
We are at the Mayan Palace Mazatlán Mexico for a pool party, hosted by Dave and Marisa on s/v Pacifico with Debbie and Dan of s/v Caper, Jon and Lisa of s/v Molly J and of course us, Chip and Debbie of s/v Elegant'sea.

Beginning of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico.....event happened in May.

No lettuce, no attention! 
There are MANY iguanas around the pool area, this being one of the biggest. 
They loved the lettuce Dave was feeding them.
Hosts Dave and Marisa on s/v Pacifico
were staying at the hotel and invited us all over
for an afternoon of sun - swimming and lunch
was also enjoyed. 
Here's Debbie in her sun-protection "outfit"!
Hmmm, deciding what to have for lunch!
They had a lot of good food to choose from.
 The famous foot picture! My foot 🙌
There is also nice beach access which we walked down to and enjoyed the waves.
Thank you Dave and Marisa!

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