Got my Mexican retirement card (good for discounts)

This is the actual card issued by the INAPAM agency of DIF (Directorio de Funcionarios). Yes, the web site had the wrong address for the office on it. We eventually found it though. Also the web site said two pictures, three were needed so we had to go to the Farmacias Guadalajara (around the corner) to get some made.
So do not believe everything you read 😒

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 The building is on the left. It is better to take the bus
as parking is hard to find even for a small car.
Coming into the building.
Once inside the building there are some courtyards and this office is in one of them.
When the line gets really long this can happen! Only kidding, there was no line. 
This is the whole office - Roberto (on the right) came along to help translate.
I had to bring copy of proof of Identity (passport and Permanent Resident card), copy of proof of age for being 60 years or older (passport worked for this too), copy of proof of address (electric bill or other utility bill, which we got from the marina) and 3 "children-sized" pictures in black and white or color).
Afterward, we found this street taco stand outside and since we had time while we waited for Roberto, we stopped. The street taco cart took up a couple parking is worth it!
We drove here as this was not our only errand. It would be better to take the bus as the streets are one-ways and there is limited parking.
Yum Yum!
And they have running water 😸
The pigeons are coming! At the park here they sell food the pigeons like and people feed them, like the kid in the green shirt. The pigeons are up on his arms eating out of his hands.

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