Fun at Fat Fish

Dave and Marisa on s/v Pacifico, an Erikson 36, Dan and Debbie on s/v Caper, a Catalina Morgan 38 and of course us, Chip and Debbie on s\v Elegant'sea our Islander Freeport 36 all went to dinner at Fat Fish Restaurant in Zona Dorado in Mazatlán..

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Fat Fish in Mazatlán is in the Golden zone (tourist zone).
This musician, if I close my eyes, does not look to me anything like his voice would lead me to believe how he looks. He sings English songs very well but we asked him to play "Cielito Lindo" which he abliged.
The oven outside. A lot of places cook outside because of the heat.
Can you see us?
As you can see on the sign to the far right, it is 2x1 (two for one).
This place does not serve fish so Fat-Fish makes sense, right? This place is a gringo tourist place and is the kind of place, to me, is where gringos go that they think "ok, we are in Mexico now I can do whatever I want". The place is kind of like camping 😩 with dogs and smoking etc. Debbie had steak and I had ribs. That way Debbie gave me her steak. She ate the backed potato and other sides. The ribs were good, the steak not so much.
And there is a bucket of cooked ribs!

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