Zihuatanejo - Guitar Fest opening beach concert set up- 2

Currently anchored in Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico, End of March 2015

Zihuatanejo This was in the beginning of March 2015

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Some musicians (Axemunkee & Mary Zoo) dropping off CD's. Each musician would have a few CD's and some priced differently. It was some work to keep track of them all and also people would ask a lot of questions abut them.  (Nancy from s/v Gitane along with Alan and Elizabeth from s/v Vivacia are tending to the CD table.)

Me, sitting down in-between the customers.

The anchorage is in the background as they are selling T-shirts.

Ken, from s/v Gitane, here folding programs.  
s\v Elegant'sea is sitting out at anchor in the background.

Looking up at the stage.

Looking up at the stage.

From the left is Nancy from s\v Gitane then Elizabeth and Alan from s/v Vivacia as Jose Luis Cobo, one of the performing musicians from Zihuatanejo, drops off his CD's.

Here is Phil "Philbillie" Milner from the duo "The Croweaters" 
dropping off CD's to Alan from s/v Vivacia.

Here is Diego Garcia aka "El Twanguero" coming to drop off CD's.

Here is Josue Tacoronte Otero dropping off his CD's.

Some people start arriving at the ticked sales. 
There's Kirk, the Stage Manager, from s/v Freedom Kirkland
 in the hot orange shirt!

The best staff! Chip and Debbie from s\v Elegant'sea, us!  

As you can see, we all received free crew shirts, a name tag along with free beverages (water, soda or beer) at every event.  We were asked to volunteer at the opening and closing concerts then two other concerts of our choosing.  We could choose from Tickets, T-Shirt Sales, CD Sales or the one we picked - Merchandise Sales.   We were able to attend any other concert, gala dinner or workshop during the week (for free) as well as bring a "Plus One" (for free as well).  

 The 2015 Guitar Fest Artist Line-up:  
Jose Luis Cobo from Zihuatanejo Mexico
 Adrian Raso from Guelph, Canada
 Asif Sinan from Karachi, Pakistan
 Axemunkee & Mary Zoo from Boston, MA and Switzerland
 Phil "Philbillie Milner and Dave Newman 
of the duo The Croweaters from San Francisco, CA
 Diego Garcia aka "El Twanguero"  from Madrid, Spain
 Adam May and Paul Carey of the Duo Agogo from Melbourne, Australia
 Magela Oquendo Romero from Havana Cuba
 Maria Moss and Jon Hogan of the duo Hogan and Moss from Marfa, TX
 Kristin Sweetland from Toronto, Canada
 Fausto Palma & Morgan Szymanski  from Mexico City and London
 Josue Tacoronte Otero from Havana Cuba & Mexico.

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