Garmin GPS 72, oldie but goodie - anchor drag alarm

Currently anchored in Zihuatanejo beginning of March 2105

This old Garmin 72 GPS was advertised on the VHF net 22a in Zihuatanejo (at 9:00 am except during Sail Fest then 8:30 am) so we purchased it from Dave on s\v Falcon for 200 pesos (about $15.00 USD). We want to take way points at the bow when we drop the anchor. It runs on simple AA batteries and is water proof and floats. The date on it we have not been able to update. It supposed to get it’s info by satellite. We have tried the soft key combinations but to no avail. Not having the correct date will prevent us from using the celestial data. Not a big deal to us.

At present if we want to set an anchor alarm we either set the way point at the helm when I tell Debbie the anchor is down or we take the 10” Samsung galaxy tablet up to the bow (requires two hands) and set the way point in the Drag Queen anchoring alarm app. This can be problematic as my hands are wet with sea life and slippery. Just having the Samsung galaxy tablet at the bow makes it possible to lose it overboard. So with this little Garmin GPS we set the way point with one hand and then enter it later into the Garmin GPSMAP 740 chartplotter and the DragQueen app on the  10” Samsung galaxy tablet at our convenience.

Also sometimes we look for an anchoring spot in a bay when we are in the dinghy. If we want to move we can search out a spot. Well now we can set a way point for the spot we like using the hand held Garmin 72 and then enter it into the Garmin GPSMAP 740 chart plotter and go for it later.

Now for a portable depth sounder we can use in the dinghy!

DragQueen Anchor Alarm

Just in-case some boat would come along and run over your 3 strand rode :) which is what we think just happened here while anchored in Zihuatanejo ! Found this a few feet under water while cleaning the anchor rode.

No cables but this does work on batteries.

Satellite info


The Garmin GPS 72 does have an anchor alarm but it seems that it is local to the spot you have the GPS. So if you are sitting in the cockpit with it or in the stateroom  then that is where the anchor is. This is not good for swinging on the rode. It can work but I think the distance would need to be set for the rode x 2? We have not played with the anchor alarm on the Garmin 72 GPS much so we are not really sure. We only want to create way points with it at present so that what we are doing.

If you set the Garmin GPS 72 anchor alarm when you set the way point at the time you drop the anchor at the bow then the alarm could be of good use. Now however you cannot lose power or turn off the alarm or the GPS will lose that position and the anchor position for the alarm will be lost. So as this is an option for us we will purchase a Garmin 72 power cable. That way after setting the alarm at the bow we can plug it into the house batteries and it can run for the duration of our time at that anchoring spot.

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  1. Actually I think the GPS mark needs to be set over the anchor once the anchor is set, which means taking the dinghy over to the anchor float...Then the GPS mark will be on the actual spot where the anchor is. The mark will be the center of the swing. If you set the mark from the bow and not the anchor, then every time the bow moves the alarm will go off because the bow is not the center of the swing. There are anchoring programs for I-Phones and I-Pods that are suppose to be pretty good, but I can't give you a name.