Acapulco La Quebrada Cliff Divers

We are currently anchored  in Zihuatanejo for Guitar Fest beginning of March 2015

Acapulco February 2015

OK yes we did the touristy La Quebrada Cliff Divers ....checking it out.

 We took one of the VW taxi's up there as there is no real bus service to the spot.

You could take your boat or a tour\charter boat around the point and watch them also.

This hotel - Hotel Mirador - was famous back when the "Rat Pack" stayed\played here. 

Entrance.  There is 120 steps down to the viewing area 
(or you could get a table at the restaurant in the hotel 
for 120 pesos which included a beverage.)

By the entrance.

The area is beautiful, with reefs that the surf washes over!

Other side of cove - this is looking out NW towards the return cruise up the coast.

The road on the left is built out over the rocks and goes to a park at the point.

This is the alter that the divers stop at before diving, 
to offer a prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

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