Garmin GPS 72, oldie but goodie - anchor drag alarm - reply

At anchor in Zihuatanejo middle of March 2015

 Could not reply to your comment because the internet speed on the boat here at anchor is too slow, the url does not like it. So new post.

OK Don, I guess this was not clear :)

 When we drop anchor, that is when the anchor hits the bottom (we can tell when there is a bit of slack in the rode or by depth) I say to Debbie “anchors on the bottom” and Debbie sets a way point on the Garmin GPSMAP 740 chart plotter at the helm. I also reach out over the bow pulpit (anchor roller) and set a way point (Mark) with the Garmin 72 gps. This way point I very accurate as to where the anchor is on the bottom. Latter after the rode is out and the anchor is set Debbie enters in the way point I set with Garmin 72 gps into the Garmin GPSMAP 740 chart plotter and we compare way points for accuracy.

Then we take the waypoint numbers from the Garmin 72 gps and enter them into the DragQeen  anchor drag app.DragQeen is a ActiveCaptian app. It is on our Samsung galaxy 10” tablet running Android OS. We do not do iAnything.

We could, and will set the anchor alarm on the Garmin 72 gps when we drop the anchor also. We first would like to get a chord to plug the Garmin 72 gps into the house batteries so it does not eat the AA batteries at night.

We also could use the chart plotter for an alarm but it is hard to hear in the stateroom and uses more electricity. We do put the Samsung galaxy tablet in the stateroom where it will wake me if the alarm goes off.

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  1. Hi Chip and Debbie,

    I understand what you're doing now, and that makes sense to me. DragQueen is an app I read about in an online newsletter from Active Captain, and from what the newsletter said it worked good...But I have no experience with it.

    I have one of the special cords you're talking about for our Garmin 76CX, and it works good. In fact I bought just about ever cord combination I could find I might possibly need, either for hooking up the GPS to power or the laptop, and a special cord for hooking up the laptop to the chart plotter. To date I've only used two different cords, but I'm ready for the unexpected when ever that happens. In construction a person could never have to many different electrical adapters, so I thought the same thinking would be good for the boat.