Zihuatanejo dinghy landing - provisioning

Currently anchored in Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico - End of March 2015


The dinghy landing here in Zihua is one of the best. The person who helps you land - Jesus is a nice man with a wife and two children. There is another fellow – Alfonso – who works the late shift.  And when neither of them can do it, there are a couple of others.  The dinghies are always handled and watched over from sun-up to way past sun-down. The tip has been 10 pesos coming in and the same leaving, a little less than a US dollar.  During the “high season” of SailFest and Guitar Fest, the dinghies are sometimes three or four deep on the shore.  These guys “valet park” them like pros!!

Gathering here at the dinghy landing for a "Fire Show" by s\v Karma Seas.

Folks from s/v Permanently Temporary and s/v Heavy Metal.

 Alfonso is looking at you.

We are provisioning for the trek north. This is one of the guys from "Hilda and Ismael", the couple who has a booth by the visitor's center where they sell tickets for Los Gatos Beach excursions along with selling to cruisers such supplies as diesel, gasoline, propane, beers, sodas, etc.

Jesus is walking our dinghy down.  On the wall behind him is a painting of fish!

Loading up our dinghy from provisioning at Commercial Mexicana grocery store.

Sure is nice to have the help. Otherwise it is a lot of shleping! 

Debbie and Jesus. Note the Coke on the sand -  
Debbie would bring Jesus a coke just about every time
we came back and he loves them nice and cold.

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