Zihuatanejo - hanging out in the plaza\square by the beach

Anchored in Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico End of March 2015

While in Zihuatanejo we went to the plaza\square regularly on Sunday evenings - sometimes on other evenings however Sunday was the day you could count on.

The square by the beach has a basketball court and many nights in March (March madness) they were playing. Some teams were pretty good. They also had a women’s league. We could hear the whistles in the anchorage. Every Sunday night there would be a concert of some type with dancers etc. All free of course. The locals would be selling tamales and corn either on the cob or in the cup. The corn was my favorite. I would get the cob with manoyanesa and hot sauce with some salt like rock salt. Yummy!  This square is on the malecon. 

This was a musical group playing for the peace recertification ceremony.

One of the "elote" (corn) stations.

One of the dance troupes that came through.

Setting the stage and rehearsing before the evening show.

Looks like they were going to do the hula!

Fresh popped popcorn along with aqua fresca.

Helado (ice cream) carts galore!

The tamale lady.

A dance team that performed.

More tamales!

The elote (corn) lady. Part of the anchorage is in the background.

Debbie with her cup of corn and my corn on the cob!

No basketball tonight :(

Another concert is about to start. You can see s\v Elegant'sea (our boat) 
out in the anchorage.

Ice cream bike!

My ice cream - coco (coconut).

Drinks and popcorn (no butter, hot sauce).

Places for kids. This one is for painting.

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