Zihuatanejo - Guitar Fest - The volunteer meetings - 1

Zihuatanejo -  Middle of February 2015

This was the volunteer meeting. 

There was a good group of volunteers at the first meeting, 
held at the Arcadia Restaurant on Playa Principle.  After an orientation 
was provided, we signed up for the events we would volunteer at.

Festival organizers - Heidi (in black shirt) and Catherine (in white shirt).

Me hard at work (this was before the second volunteer meeting - 
we arrived early at Don Andres Restaurant and Hotel 
to see the area of Playa La Madera) .

Alan, from s/v Vivacia (l) and Ken, from s/v Gitane (r), 
enjoying the view of Playa La Madera

Looking out at the anchorage. The boats moved over closer 
to this spot and increasing to about 30 in the fleet upon Guitar Fest time.

The beach where Guitar Fest was held.

You can see s\v Elegant'sea straight ahead!

Looking over at La Ropa Beach - anchorage.

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