Starboard Whopper SUP (paddle board) repair in Acapulco

Currently anchored in Zihuatanejo, Princapal anchorage, Mexico Beginning of  March 2015

  OK it has been about a month since being in Acapulco  when we had the Starboard Whopper SUP patched and it is still holding.

Did I fail to mention that just after we sailed out of Banderas Bay, Mexico heading south to the Riviera the SUP blew out. While at anchor in Chamela, we inflated it and put it in the rack.  We heard a hisssss and watched the SUP go flat on the racks sitting on the life line stanchions. A section of seam blew out about 4 inches long. This seemed (get the pun) a bit beyond my expertise. Also we previously had purchased a lesser quality SUP from a boater and it was just not repairable once it started leaking. Getting the right glue is also an issue here in Mexico. So we looked for a repair person in each anchorage. In Acapulco we finally found one. Rudolfo in Acapulco who repairs the banana boats that are towed behind the speed boats did the work. We found him by dinghying around the bay and into the locals sport fishing area. He turned out to be quite an interesting person and did a quality job. The patches turned out a bit Frankinstein-ish but the do not leak. It took three large patches to fix it. So it is a bit salty looking but we (the SUP and me) are back paddling again!

Here you can see a pile of bannas being towed to the beach around the corner 

Here is the paddle board loaded into the dinghy.

This place we eventually found for the repair. This is going into the locals area which has the banana boats/speed boats moored and other locals boats. Some sport fishers and pangas and some who knows what :) 

On the way to the dock.

You can see the long cement dock in the back ground.

OK we made it to the dock weaving through moorings, boats and lines.

A shot of shore from the dinghy.

Here is Rudolfo who did the repair. He had to do the patching twice.

Quite a funny crew were there and it was their hang out.

Looking down from the road. They are behind the boat 
with the mouth and eyes on the bow.

We had to go back a second time for more patching. On the way in 
this guy was selling stuff to the local tourists on a harbor tour boat.

No room at the dock this time so we beach-landed.

After dropping off the Starboard Whopper SUP for patching we went and had lunch at a local (I guess you could call) restaurant. This playground was next to it. 
I had some good fish (fresh!) tacos.

The three Frankinstein-ish looking patches but they are holding!

In our mooring ball area.
I was too chicken to blow up the Starboard Whopper SUP all the way but it is working good.
I had already fallen off a few times by this time and I was all wet.

Talking to crew of  s\v Patricia Belle on another mooring ball by us.

Up against the road in our mooring ball beach area.

Out at anchorage, still in Acapulco  .

Coming up to the stern steps and under our Achilles dinghy on the davits.

Coming up to the stern steps and under our Achilles dinghy on the davits.

This was in Zihuatanejo while we were anchored at anchored
 at La Ropa Beach. with Ken and Nancy on s\v Gitane in the back ground.

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