Zihuatanejo - Guitar Fest opening beach concert - 3

Currently anchored off Isla Grande in Ixtapa, Mexico  End of March 2015

Zihuatanejo - Guitar Fest 2015

Here is Ellen, a volunteer we befriended as she is a sailor too.  She crewed for someone coming down to Zihua, rented an apartment on shore and was looking to crew going back north.  We announced her availability on the morning VHF Net for her.  She changed her mind, however, as other commitments forced her to fly out instead.

Some of the cruisers brought their dinghies in close to raft up for the opening night 
concert - a fun way to listen to the great music. Notice off in the background another Islander Freeport 36-B - s/v Irie with Greg on-board.  He is heading South to El Salvador. He has owned his boat for almost 6 months.  

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  1. Does Greg have a blog FOGgers can follow?