Free Evinrude 4 hp outboard

Zihuatanejo end of March 2015 at anchor

Kathy and Dan on s\v Lungta gave\traded us an Evinrude 2 stroke 4 hp outboard motor with gas tank and hose for a USB stick.
s\v Lungta's blog

We had gone over to Lungta for dinner and had a great lasagna dinner!  We also talked guitars as they had recently purchased two from the local guitar maker here in Zihuatanejo or well Paracho in Michoacán. (The town is famous for making Guitars and Mandolins.)  I played his guitar and told him about the songs I was learning in Spanish. Cielito Lindo-G and La Bamba-G which we have videos and chords for. That is what we put on the USB stick (thumb drive) for Dan.

Zalapa Guitars

More info

OK enough about the guitars, on with the Evinrude post.

We hope to sell this for a few pesos when we get back up to Banderas Bay.
There usually is someone looking for a spare outboard there around La Cruz, Paradise Village Marina, or Nuevo Vallarta etc. These pesos will go towards our new kayak fund. Plus we are recycling!

It is really old but Dan said it ran last time he tried to start it. It starts in gear (no transmission) and swivels around for a reverse. But it is lite and easy to store.

These are frozen up but some penetrating oil should fix that.

It has a broken tiller arm. A new one can be made up for a few pesos.

Just the right size to fit in a lazarette!!

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