Zihuatanejo lagoon

Zihuatanejo, at anchor middle of March 2015  

We were on the hunt for a person to repair the Solstice Trekker kayak  so we went to who else, the locals. There is a lagoon in the far north of the bay and a foot bridge over it.

We took some of the pictures from this foot bridge.

You can see a dive shop and some restaurants across the entrance to the lagoon.

This is a little park where we sat for a while in the shade, not a bus stop :)

Taken from the foot bridge looking into the lagoon.

Taken from the foot bridge looking to the bay.

Taken from the foot bridge and you can see waves coming into the lagoon. This is rare. We were having 8' rollers coming into the anchorage and so some of that was even getting into the calmest part of the bay and lagoon.

Some rental canoes used by the locals for fishing.

Wondered what these boxes with holes in'em were for/?

The lagoon water rushing out with the tidal surge from the storm system.

As it turned out we would need to go to La Ropa beach where they tow the banana boats to see about a repair person. We were not too keen on it by land because the road is being worked on and long delays were part on the bus ride.

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