Getting the dinghy davit down

End of February 2013 – Bahia de Navidad lagoon

After some dinghy davit use we are getting it down. We now only raise the dinghy with the stern (of the dinghy) on the port side (of the sail boat). This makes securing it with straps easier because it fits now only one way.

You can see the two staps here in an X. We will have two made from jack line soon. We are playing with the lenght for now. One is a sail tie.

Straps keep the dinghy from moving around in wakes or swells or higher winds. This is a good way for when the engine is mounted on the stern also. It used to be we would raise the dinghy with the bow on the port so the engine weight would be on the light side of the boat, the starboard. Raising the dinghy with the motor and fuel tank and dinghy anchor and chain with rode along with the seat bag stuff was a chore. Debbie could do it but we would need to use the winch and crank it up on the engine side. A lot of cranking but it was way easier than a straight pull and that is with 6.1 Harkin davit blocks. Debbie and I were talking about how to make it better and I suggested an electric winch handle I had seen advertised, saying I wish we had an electric winch. Debbie mentioned we had the electric windlass. I thought where have I been?? Yes it is an electric winch and gets little use.

 The stern windless gets used only for stern anchoring which we have done twice and I hope not to do any more than absolutely necessary because of the rode getting messed up. We sit in a place for a couple weeks and the rode gets dirty and stuff growing in it. You do not want to just dump it straight into the lazerett. So it is a pain to clean up. If it were not for our fancy stern windless set up thanks to the previous owner I think that you would use a reel you put on the stern rail would be the way to go.
You can see the snatch block here. Also the stern anchor is still ready to deploy in an emergency if needed.
 So we put a snatch block on the stern rollers for the anchor rode for a fair lead to the davit block and that was all we needed. We then just put the davit line down to the windless and off it goes pulling up the dinghy. I or Debbie can actually bring the dinghy up by ourselves. We usually do not but it is easy to. Usually one has the bow davit and one the stern windless. There is no pulling on the windless, you just tail the line. This has become very easy and simple. We do this for security reasons. Lift it and lock it!

The dinghy wheels are on because we are going to the beach and use them to haul up so we can change the oil on the Honda outboard.

We are enjoying the 9.9 hp Honda motor s the Sans Hotel for a dinghy landing is well over a mile away from our bot where it is anchored in the Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon. The Grand Isla Navidad Resort is well over a half mile away so scooting along is nice. The wind often picks up in the afternoon making for a fetch and the dinghy handles well in it. When we leave often the lagoon is flat so we can open it up and fly along and have the wind in our hair! On the way back if the wind is up we still plain only we use less throttle. On some pang wakes we do slow down as we are still new to this but getting good.


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