Chamela Bay video and shrimp boats

When we were in Chamela Bay in the beginning of January 2013

Here is a video of Melaque. After a week or so we up anchored bow and stern and went to the Barra Bahia de Navidad lagoon.


While we were in Chamela bay a bunch, about a dozen to fourteen shrimp boats came in one after the other. Hmmm what’s up? It was the holidays and they stayed for about a week.

  There were a few of us at anchor in Chamela bay at the time and we all went to figuring out what was going on. We asked the locals who had no idea really.

The kids said there was lots of shrimp but that made no sense or they would be out shrimping.

One cruisers said they were from Mazatlan and there was bad weather so they were waiting it out. Well the weather was not that bad and Mazatlan is a long enough way off. It sounded good though.

One local said it was the moon phase and they were waiting for a full moon. Hmm
So we never found out but you could pick one :) or make up your own!


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