Beta heat exchange tube stack - 4th time!

Middle of February 2013 – Barra/Bahia de Navidad lagoon

OK 4th time is a charm! Yep we had to remove the heat exchanger tube stack(TS) yet one more time.

We were going to replace or at least inspect the impeller and loosened the cap for it.

What came out? Antifreeze came out, oh no!! Yep, and so there you have it. The raw water and fresh water were possibly mixing which I think they are but at least the fresh water (antifreeze) is mixing with the raw water. So it was either the O-rings were not sealed ot the TS was damaged.

We took the TS out and gave it to Jonco Marine who was at the Barra-Bahia de Navidad Marina doing some chain plate work on a boat. Jonco tested the TS and cleaned it. We got it back the next day. He said it tested to be OK so it is the o-rings. They are still good but they did not seal. So operator error – again. This time I will try a little different approach. Centering the TS then evenly tighting the bolts.

 The good thing is the TS got a good cleaning which I was not able to do. I have cleaned the TS and end caps up with 220 sand paper this time I was a bit timid to be so aggressive with the cleaning before. Next will be the heat exchanger flanges then a re-assembly.

Of course we had to remove all the antifreeze we could from the system. Also we re-routed a heater hose removing a loop and getting it away from two fresh water hoses it was touching, possibly heating the water up. The hose from the engine to the water heater.

Aside from that and scraping the water line water got cold we have been hanging out t the Barra-Bahia de Navidad pool and Debbie is working on getting well. We have two pool cards now as a friend let us use them and we get the use of the hot showers and pool with towels etc. We just dingy over and have apool day Not a bad way to spend the day!

We did take a trip to Manzanillo by bus but that is another story.

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  1. Based on what you were saying about the coolant in the raw water pump, my guess was the tube stack was OK. We had a leak in the tube stack of our Pathfinder once, but in our case raw water was in the coolant side of the circuit. The pressure of the raw water pump is greater than the engine coolant side when the engine is running, so raw water gets forced into the coolant side raising the level of the coolant to over flowing. The Pathfinder tube stack has to be centered 'exactly' inside the heat exchanger, and if it's not one of the end boots will allow mixing of the raw water and coolant. My guess is if the end cap or boot is not sealing correctly coolant will actually be drawn out of the engine, lowering the level of the coolant not raising it like a hole in the tube stack would cause. Do you remember if your coolant level was lower?

    Don from FOGgers