DVD Movies

End of February 2013 – Barra/Bahia de Navidad lagoon

 We digitized all our movies and or daughters movies. We have at least 125 movies? Not sure as some we cannot find. We watch  movie and if it is old enough I usually do not even remember it. The point though is we digitized the movies so we did not have hundred or so DVDs around the boat to store. Go ting but…now we have no movies to trade. The cruisers get together at dinghy raft ups or mention over the nets that they have movies to trade. So when we are on out visa visit to the US in a few months we will pick up say a dozen DVD movies at the swap meet or some lace (sending about the price of going to the movies :) on them. Then we will always have movies to swap keeping some fresh ones unhand, of course we will stomp them too J

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