Debbie went up the mast - Daedalus yacht

Beginning of February 2013 – Barra Bahia de Navidad - Marina Puterto da la Navidad

Debbie went up the mast again. This time to replace a incandescent light bulb with a LED bulb. The tri color running light at the top of the mast. We have not had it wired up since we pulled the mast. We got everything else working but the tri color. As we are about to start working on our 12000 BTU Mermaid HVAC system again and the mast wiring needs to be completed first, it is in the same area. This was the first step.

Debbie got geared up in the climbing gear. We have folding mast steps that have worked great.

The tri color light atop the mast.
Bulb that got replaced, I think we got it at Downwind Marine in San Diego CA.
Looking out of  Marina Puerto da la Navidad and into channel. Straight ahead is a marina, private with homes.

To starboard.

Looking out at the Barra Bahia de Navidad lagoon and at the top of the Daedalus yacht.
Hot tub on Daedalus yacht.

The Daedalus yacht was in front of us.
Not from the top of the mast :)
Our boat to far left.

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