David Yacht Services (David) up the mast - 2018

For a change we decided to let someone else do the work.

This time it was David, a local and he did a fine job. We decided to give ourselves a break from the suiting up in the rigging-up-the-mast-gear and watch someone else instead.

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatl├ín, Mexico
Our only complaint was his helper went up the mast twice to bring David supplies.
No saftey gear and it could have been a nasty fall. Falling onto the naked boom or head first onto the deck was in my mnd.
Young and unaware is what I will call it.

The first item of business David did was replace our Garmin wind vane that has been taken off before by birds.The last time this happened I think was in 2014 and Debbie went up the mast and replaced it.
After that is when we put a bird spike on the Garmin wind vane. This summer it was hijacked again we believe as we found it on the boat cover and placed on deck by Tyler's boat service - we got lucky. The bird spike was seperated from the Garmin wind vane. Debbe cleaned it up and re-cemented the spike onto the Garmin wind vane. David went up and replaced it for us.
After David replaced the Garmin wind vane he went down the mast to the Aqua Signal Combination Masthead/Foredeck Light to replace the bulb for deck light with the one
that we purchased in the US.
David said the socket for the bulb was corroded and would not last. Seems like it is time for a new Aqua Signal light fixture. At any rate he replaced the bulb and it is working again. It is really too high to be of much use and the radar dome shadows it from the deck but it still helps.
It would be nice to mount something on the mast under the radar tower. Possibly a LED spot light for a for deck light. We would need to hijack say the loud speaker wires but they are connected to the VHF Standard Horizon GX2150 Matrix+ radio that we purchased. A bit complicated for now.
Getting new wires down the mast and to the nav station is a bit much for now.
We are installing two LED blue strips facing forward on the solar panel that is on top of the dodger. We will use these for deck lighting while sailing\working on deck at nght. They will also serve (dimmed) as anchoring lights for pangas to see us. We are in the process of installing them.

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? ­čś┤ I was hanging out waiting to lower David. His helper is in training, really.....
 David's helper cranked him up the mast. I oversaw the operation as a consultant.
Yes he did good.
 Next it was clean up around the Garmin radar dome and loud speaker.
 Then polish the SS Garmin radar monut.
David said the stainless steel mount wasn't too bad
yet could use the polishing!
Now David's helper scrambles up the mast again on the mast steps with the Lazy Jack line leading edge so they could be threaded through the blocks on the mast.

 The foredeck light working.
 Just for chuckles, the running lights.
All done and ready to go! Lets go crusing!

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