Mermaid 12,000 btu HVAC unit has been re-ducked - painted and filtered - 2018

  This is the HVAC duck I re-purposed. In an earlier post we explained that I have re-ducked the 12,000 btu HVAC. To make the grate look better I painted the 12,000 btu Mermaid Marine Air duck that goes from the unit to the grate from gray to black. 

This was done at our house sitting gig in the underground garage. We stashed our window a/c unit here till we leave and store the car. It goes back in the trunk till we come back this summer and then we sell it when there is a good demand for it.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 Freshly painted black, not as flat black as the can indicated but it works..
From gray to now black.
  The new look. Hardly noticeable.
How this grate looked before the duck got painted
and I added the filter foam we purchased.
Now, not the best picture but you can see how it is now, just out of sight
and out of mind until you feel the cold air shooting out or the warm heat.

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