Debbie making straps with dot fasteners - 2018

We wanted straps for the traveler lines and main sheet
to hang them up on the dodger, keeping them away
from the seating areas. 
Fortunately, we have all the tools to install the fasteners!

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
When Debbie had the sewing machine out, she made the double
strap for the port side.  This side has one traveler line and the main sheet.
This is the mallet used for doing the male side of the twist fastener.
The twist is held on with two caps. 

 Finished product!
 Before...note the orange and black bungee :)
After...keeps the line off the deck for ease of cleaning when not in use!
 Here's the double one in action.
 Side view
 The strap is fit around the dodger rails so it will stay snug.

 Looks good...function and fashion!

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