Amidships blue LED light partially wired - 2018

This is the wiring we did for the blue LED light strips on the dodger solar panel.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatl├ín, Mexico
 We only have enough heat shrink #18 butt connectors to make 4 connection but they were the hard ones to reach.  They were not that hard but uncomfortable. 
 We did not get to the switch yet. We only found a couple small packs of #18 heat shrink butt connectors here in Mazatl├ín. We do have some friends bringing us down a large package of heat shrink butt connectors.
Debbie used some electrical tape to finish off the connection.
 Connected the two blue LED light strips together here.
 Some more electrical tape.
We use the 12-volt cigarette lighter connector to test the wiring.
LED lights were pink and blue and photo sensor was red and black. All is good.
 This is the wire running to two fuse blocks (+ -) in the lazerett. It was not wise for me to try to make the holes for the Kyocera Solar KD-135GX 135 Watt 12 VoltSolar Electric Panel 
bigger because we could nick the wires so I made a new small hole.

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