Mermaid 12,000 btu HVAC unit has been re-ducked - 2018

 This black paint we purchased here at Home Depot in Mazatlán, Mexico. I will spray the gray ducking that shows through the A/C grill.
We also ordered some AC filter material from MazatlainAppliances and Services which we can use to cover all but the hose outlet. It will be behind the vent and will hide the rest of the hose etc.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 This was only the "Return" vent which is where the air comes into the HVAC to be converted to heat or A/C. It is called the return and if you think about it that is correct. At first though it does not seem right. At any rate the Mermaid 12,000 btu units "Supply" outlet which is by the fan is right behind this vent. This gray hose wrapped around and connected to a "Y" which then connected to a 8" vent and also a 4" hose which connected to two 4" vents. One in the galley and one 4" vent in the salon.
This was the ducking that went to three different vents to cool the salon with the 12,000 btu
This is the 8" vent.- as first installing the HVAC
A 4" vent in the galley.- as first installing the HVAC

As first installing the HVAC
Then there is a 4" plastic round vent we installed in back
of the salon cushions - as first installing the HVAC.
We have decided that this Mermaid AC unit seems to work better with the "Supply" just coming straight out. The air comes out fast enough to easily reach the companionway and push the air in the salon around to get the hot air from the high area circulated to the low area.  This way we do not need a separate fan to circulate the air around the salon. Also the 8" vent was a bit of a problem when seated at the salon table as it blows freezing air on our feet. 
 Now we are using the "Supply" vents as the "Return" vents and the system is working great. Of course it did go to the US with us and got repaired. 
 So as long as the Mermaid Marine Air keeps working, we are pleased!

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