Debbie up the mast for Garmin Wind Vane

September 2014
 We moved up to "E" dock to get some relief from the summer storms.  There is not much of a surge or wind or wave action up there in Paradise Village Marina. It has other drawbacks but we will not stay at this "E" dock...we will move back to "A" dock after the storms pass in a week or so.
 While we are here in the calm we decided to fix our Garmin wind speed\direction instrument.(GWS 10 Wind sensor). 

Sooo.. Debbie up the mast to remove the Garmin (GWS 10 Wind sensor).
Up and up each step - unfolding mast steps. They have been great, the mast 
steps are quiet with no maintenance needed.
A little tricky getting over the spreaders and past the Garmin radar.
Debbie at the top.
Debbie at work at the top of the mast Women at work!

This shows where the  GWS 10 Wind sensor was mounted.
Here you see Debbie working hands free.
We have a pad eye that we installed when we installed the mast steps. It allows Debbie to clip her tether to it and lean back, allowing hands free work.
Debbie lowering down the canvas bucket with the GWS 10 Wind sensor in it.
Old epoxy that was used trying to hold on the old one.

I did the hard part. I removed the old epoxy and snapped on the new one (the pointer) and am shown testing it 😎
Looking down the estuary at Paradise Village Marina.
The boat to our starboard.
Looking down shows Debbie's feet 😟

OK the Garmin (GWS 10 Wind sensor) is mounted back on top of the mast. Thank you Debbie!
Debbie used a little 3M 4000 UV to seal the screws from weather.
There are bird-spikes all along the arm of the wind vane to deter the birds from landing on the arm....we installed these last year - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't (which is why we needed a new vane this year!)

Our boat with some of Debbie's body showing 😓

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