We are here at San Blas Fonatur Marina- and it has no power\water - 2018

It has been two days since we arrived. 
Yesterday we were in town getting some ice cream and WiFi and heard sirens. 

Debbie and I at the "San Blas Social Club" (yes, we are tired!)
We did not think much about the sirens. Then we walked back to the marina and one of the transformers had caught on fire. What a mess. Now there is no power or water as the water is powered by an electrical water pump.
We used the Honda 2000 watt generator to run our hot water heater so we could take a warm\hot shower on s\v Elegant'sea. Even on a good day this San Blas Fonatur Marina does not have hot water for showers or pool or Jacuzzi and if you want the jets on then you need to track down a dock worker. As for water, we filled our water tanks before leaving Marina El Cid so we thought we would be ok until we got ready to leave this marina. We planned to use our water filtration system...so now we might have to buy some bottled water until we get our water maker up and running, at the next anchorage, perhaps!  Still, it is a nice looking place with impressive views of the river and lagoon. 

We have not had any problems with the mosquitos or the no-see-ums yet but plenty of nats.  A full moon is coming and we heard the lunar cycle has got something to do with the famous bugs. We do stay in at sunrise and sundown till they leave.

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