Stateroom hatch pull replaced, finally - 2018

Making some adjustments. 
The hatch pulls we purchased while in the US this last year (2017) were supposed to be brass but do not look like it. We did not think they were not brass when they arrived so we just took them to Mexico with us.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the  Fonatur Marina San Blas, Mexico
This is how the hatch pull was looking, so even though we did not have the exact one we wanted we put the new one in anyway. Now at least we got rid of the blue tape and we can use the hatch pull.
I used the drummel to cut the wood a bit for this hatch pull to work as it was a bit different. Not changing the overall size but changing the depth in places.
Lots of adjusting to get this hatch pull in.
The hatch pull was a bit long so I trimmed it off with the drummel and a sanding drum attachment.
Some more fitting.
Final screw goes in.
Final tighting of all four screws. No edges are sticking up to rip your foot and it feels like part of the hatch.
This hatch pull looks a bit better-made than the brass ones but it shows more. Meaning you see the hardware, it is in your face more. The brass ones blend into the teak better and the boat looks less industrial. We want the boat to be as homey as possible because it is our home, not industrial.
Now we do not need to take out the first hatch forward to get the next one out.
Looking good!!  Project well done!

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