Anchoring LED bow, stern and amidships lights - Stern light up and running - 2018

 In an earlier post we explained how we tested these lights and photo sensors.
Now we are installing one on the stern. In this picture you see the photo sensor attached to the solar panel wires coming into the boat from the bimini. The wires from the photo sensor also go through the cam cleat and into the boat.

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 Then the wires run over to the blue LED 4" light that you see the back of. The light will be in the port (left) air scoop for the engine blower. We do not use the blower so no problem. It would probably work anyway if we did use it. For now we have just left the light out for testing.
Here we have the stern step down and I am using 3M 4000 UV Marine Adhesive to secure the 4" LED light strip inside the SS vent. It was messy and a pain but it is in there now 😏
This is the inside of the starboard lazerett where the back of the Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ 6 position Water Resistant Fuse Panel  that we had previously installed. is. We covered it with an old piece of Snapware. Also we had discovered that the connections were getting a bit corded and hard to work with and not working at times. We took the connections off the panel and cleaned them and put electrical grease on them about a year ago. This time they are working great and easy to work with. The Snapware cover has worked great protecting the connections from getting banged around with stuff entering and leaving the lazerett.
Debbie labeling the wires with blue tape. We ran out of white electrical tape for labeling the wires so till we get more blue is our temporary fix to be replaced with white electrical tape. 
Light is hiiden away yet shines nicely on the water.
 It is really too light in Marina El Cid with all the flood lights to get a good night time picture. 
 This is our switch panel in the cockpit. It is fused for each switch.
The blue stern anchoring light is connected to the third one down.
 We did not find our labels for the switch
so we used blue tape to kind of make it look real 😞
This works out great.
Now when we get to anchor we just flip the switch and when it gets dark or if it is dark the light comes on. Shuts off at daylight and repeats till we up anchor. Then we just flip off the switch if we will be out overnight. Easy peasy and as our grandson David says "Lemon squeezy"!

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