SUP Paddleboard purchased: Starboard Whopper ASAP - arrived and on the boat (s\v Elegant'sea)

Here I am signing off on the Starboard Whopper ASAP paddleboard at Paquetexpress.
As we posted before, we purchased or Starboard Whopper paddle board from Pacific Paddle Board in Bucerias Mexico.
We paid a deposit for them to hold it then sent the rest at the end of the month.
Pacific Paddle Board in Bucerias Mexico then shipped the Whopper.

January 2018 - Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Condo penthouse sitting on the beach in Mazatlán, Mexico.

Pacific Paddle Board shipped it by Paquetexpress which was the most affordable, reliable and easiest way for us to get the board.
Since our plans to go South were delayed because we helped our friends in pet/house sitting, we had them ship it to us in Mazatlán as we wouldn't be going though Puerto Vallarta.

 It is a busy place - a lot of packages going in and out!See the source image
 Leaning the Starboard Whopper up against our car.
 Big box! We were worried it would not fit in the red taxi trucks😮
 No sweat, it did.
 Now for the drive to El Cid Marina.
Into the first gate at El Cid Marina.
Into the second gate to the docks at El Cid Marina.
Debbie was following us in our VW Jetta.
 The packaging was done (I think) by Starboard but could have been done by Pacific Paddle. Whoever did the packaging did a real pro job of it.
Debbie went to the boat and got some scissors and my rigging knife along with the Surfstow Deluxe Transport BoardCovers - 10'6".bag.
 This is the top of the Whopper.
 We are now laying out the bag we purchased in the US.
It is the Surfstow Deluxe Transport Board Covers - 10'6".
 Wrong side 😏
 Technical talk.
 We need to cut the cardboard that was taped to the nose
and end to make it fit in the bag.
What a process!! 
 The fins and paperwork etc are in the box that came in the big box.
So what to do with the big big box? Well, the guy who drove the ferry boat at El Cid Marina that goes to the beach, a restaurant and event space took care of it for us. 
 He also offered to take us to our boat on the ferry,
saving us a cart push to our dock.
A  popular tourist shirt right now here in Mazatlán, the red shirt with Mazatlán 01. It's baseball playoffs right now and the Venados have been doing well!
 Debbie taking pictures of this fine occasion!
 A walk down the dock to our boat.
 At it's new home...yay!
This all went so well.
We have not finished taking all
the packaging off or have we put on the fins etc. yet. 
This board is kind to boats as the rail and top are foam. A best buy by boaters. It can be tossed around like an inflatable and not get or do damage.
Yet it is shaped unlike inflatables - it has better shaping for surfing and paddling.
No need to inflate it in the morning or deflate in the afternoon for the days' heat.
It weighs about the same as the inflatable but carries more pounds or floats more pounds.
Anyway, I am soured on inflatables as earlier posts will tell you so this new board is an exciting purchase. 

Pretty soon I will be paddling in all of the anchorages we stop at on our way south along the Mexican Riviera!!

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