Handle replaced on the Oceanair Roller Blinds Skyscreen in our stateroom

Our Oceanair Skyscreen in our stateroom over our bed
had a broken handle on the screen side.
This made it difficult to separate the blackout shade from the screen. Also the screen spring had lost some of its tension it seems so the black-out shade would not close all the way. The other three we have on the big hatches were not effected. 

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 The parts of the handle that were left.
 Here is the new handle that we put on. It took a couple of calls to tech support to figure this all out. It has been quite a while since we installed these OceanairRoller Blinds Skyscreens.  We also rolled the spring up for shade, making it tight again. This all took a while but is well worth it 😴 
 OceanairRoller Blinds Skyscreen with screen part way out before we re-installed it.
You can see one of the Newfound Metals port holes with the cover Debbie made for them on it.
With the covers and the Oceanair Skyscreen black-out shades we can make our stateroom really dark even at noon time!   Also on our Newfound Metals port holes are Zarcor Peek-a-boo Blinds which I think have been re-named to CloZures.

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