Sailing Mazatlan to San overnight-er - 2018

 Another great passage and this one right out of the gate. After running aground on the way out of the Mazatlan jettie we regrouped and the rest of the passage all day and all night and another half day were great!

January 2018  -  On our way to the Fonatur Marina San Blas, Mexico
February 2018 - Currently in La Cruz Marina, Banderas Bay Mexico (Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz)

 We had a great sunset with whales playing in and around the sunset. Too far to catch on camera but they are in the camera in our head.
 We tried a new watch schedule and it worked out great. Debbie took the 9 pm to 1 am watch. I took the 1 am to sunrise and beyond watch. I can nap during the day which Debbie has a hard time doing so it worked out great.
 Yes it was cool. We had the dodger all together and our warm clothes on for sure. 
 The Air Breeze wind generator helped keep the batteries up as we had the autopilot and all other instruments going. At night we ran the radar with a guard zone. It powered on every 15 minutes. That we probably did not need as there were so many shrimpers around we were on our toes all night. That made the time go by pretty fast.
We did a bit of downwind sailing or tried 
waiting for the tide to rise going into San Blas.
Wow, wing-on-wing, without poling out!
We followed waypoints into the San Blas channel 
as it was very shallow, even on the outside.
Quite a ways in down the river!
 There were a few shrimp boats anchored by the mouth of the channel.
 The following pictures are of us going up the Rio Pozo
 river to the Fonatur Marina San Blas.
 Entering the channel.
 You had to be in the middle of the channel and then closer 
to the marina you stay close to starboard.
Looking up the Rio Pozo river to Fonatur Marina San Blas.
 Military base.
Debbie at the bow, getting us ready to dock.
 Looking back out the Rio Pozo river to the Pacific ocean.
As you can see by the buoy, the current gets going on the tide change.
 Old shrimp boats.
 Coming up on the Pemex (fuel) pier and Fonatur San Blas Marina.
At the slip.

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