Jabsco raw water pump leak on Beta engine - Part 2

Beginning of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Jabsco raw water pump  29460-1701  4310
We did not know anything about the Jabsco raw water pump 29460-1701  4310.
We did not realize it could be leaking onto the top of the hose. Know we know 😄
We removed the Jabsco raw water pump and this is what we found.

It is kind of idiot-proof putting the Jabsco raw water pump back on.
The pump fits in the slot you see.

We ordered a Jabsco raw water pump rebuild kit from Active Marine.
They said they had a shipment coming from the US. Meaning they have a pickup truck heading up to the boarder soon. So it would be 7-10 days, the usual time frame you get everywhere. We waited three weeks and we went back because they were supposed to call us when it came in and we never received a call. They said they looked in the box that came back but did not see the kit, no phone call. So I talked to Andrew on s\v Windsong and he knew of a seal place in down town Mazatlán. So we got our money back from Active Marine which was $70.00 plus dollars US and went about doing this ourselves.

Here you see the silicone that is on the surface of the engine where the pump connects.
We called Beta and they said that it should be silicone as a seal or an O-ring. On our engine we had both. So we had to remove the silicone to clean up the mounting surface. The O-ring for sealing the pump to the engine was fine so we went with just that O-ring.
The Jabsco raw water pump got a good cleaning.
Cleaned up and ready for paint.
The impeller side.
The snap ring sits on top of another seal on the back of the pump that needs replacing.
There are also two sets of bearings and an O-ring. The O-ring sits between the seals. Our bearings are fine. The shaft does not wiggle at all. The O-ring was also fine.
Gabriel leiva No. 112 Col. Anáhuac, Mazatlan
Telephone 669 986 1232
Centro Industrial de Baleros y Retenes del Pacifico sa de cv
Industrial center of bearings and seals of the pacifico sa de cv
125.28 pesos = $6.62 USD
 So off we went to the seal shop. But first it was a stop at Autozone for some snap-ring-pliers.
I bought a pair for about $8.00 US. We went out to his car and got the snap ring out and the shaft from the Jabsco raw water pump. However we could not get the seals out...the shaft came out with the bearings on it. Andrew said he knew a place to take out the seals but after much driving around we decided it was a lost cause, he could not remember where it was. Ok maybe the seal shop will remove them?

Gabriel leiva No. 112 Col. Anáhuac, Mazatlan
As you can see we went to the seals shop Cibarepa.
At Cibarepa which is a small store front wiht a counter and that's it. The back is a big warehouse of seals etc. So you walk in and there are bars like at a bank and you slide the pump through. The man there did not speak English and Debbie was at the boat, it was a guy-thing, so no interpreter. However we did do fine. It was pump talk so it went well. The man pounded out the seals as we watched. He then went and pulled out two new seals off the shelf behind him. He cleaned the inside of the Jabsco raw water pump where the shaft and seals go. He was going to put the new seals on the shaft and we pointed out the shaft needed some cleaning off of some rust. He went off and came back with a cleaned shaft and a piece of red Scotbright. Then he put the new seal in and the O-ring and then the other seal. Then used a piece of pipe to sit the Jabsco raw water pump and pushed down on the shaft at the other end with a piece of wood. Then inserted the snap ring. The shop had snap ring pliers and some tools so we did not need to buy the snap ring pliers after all. But what the heck, it is a good tool to have. So now the pump is complete and ready to go! I purchased two extra seals and the total was about  125.28 pesos = $6.62 USD. I also slipped him a 40 pesos tip, about $2.50. You need to remember wages here are small so it was a good tip.
Old seals.
Silicone to be removed and one of the Beta engine spots to get touched up, paint-wise.
Getting ready for Debbie to do the plastic covering for the spray painting.
Beta now has some brush touch-up paint we will get on a trip to the US.
Debbie doing the plastic mask off.
All painted up!
We do quality work!
All cleaned up for the Jabsco raw water pump installation.
The Jabsco raw water pump hung at a vacant store front at Marina Mazatlán.
Me, the paint wizard...note the red shirt I wore in case of over-spray!
We could do cars next?
Looks good, not that anyone will see it.
All together and all working great!
No leaks now and another fine job done by the Willis' on s/v Elegant'sea.
The air cleaner needs tightening up but the engine is running great a usual.

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