Stern cam cleat to bimini wiring sorted and covered for protection

We put sun protection over the wiring that goes from the stern cam cleat and then up and over the bimini - looking good now and all sorted out too. Beauty and function!

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We separated out the wires and then put them together in logical bundles.
There are two wires for each solar panel on the bimini so six wires there.
(We have another solar panel on the dodger top for a total of 485 watts.)
We had the ICOM SSB ICom 802 HF Marine Transceiver
antena (for return emergency calls) down for clean up also.
Making progress. We have wires for the davit winch and two antennas on top of the dodger.
Also two wires to the stern light on top of the davits and wires for the LED spot light and remote control for it on top of the binimi.
We are removing the rubber gaskets to replace them
with silicone in clam cleats for the wires.
One cam cleat is for all those wires and one Air Breeze wind generator. When the gaskets get wet they drool black down the back of the stern getting it all messy looking. I just touched it with my hand and you can see the black it spreads.
Rubber gasket.

Ok cut off gasket.
Now to replace it with silicone.
Replaced the black rubber gasket and now
will fill in around the wires to keep most of the water out.

Ok all done. Now to trim off the excess silicone.

Looks good and also organized or maybe cause I just know the wires are.

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