VW Jetta gets a door lock fix

Robert came by the boat and we got to talking guitar and he played a couple songs. Very fun. Then we followed him to the repair shop.

Robert on Guitar
Robert, who helped us buy the car, knew a place to get the rear driver-side passenger door lock fixed.
Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatl├ín, Mexico 

The shop, like most Mexican shops, is located in the front of a house.
Robert's friend who drove him is in the red T shirt.
In a matter of minutes they had the door apart!
Not much to the door afterall.
Debbie chilling out while we wait for the repair of the electric lock.
This is the outside of the door. The door skin as they call it today.
The electric door lock mechanism on the floor.
The inside of the shop with the inside of car doors hanging on the wall.
Our door pieces.
The rocking chair I sat in while waiting.
Yep that's me! It took only about an hour all together to fix and drive off.
Our car and Debbie's legs.
We had previously come by this shop on the bus but never knew it. This is one of the buses we take, or took. Now with the car we do not need to. We have still been taking the bus some places as it is easier (It has been Semana Santa Week - Easter Week - so the city has been very crowded with tourists) and inexpensive.
Hay we did get a free key chain...well free is maybe not the word.
As it was it came out to about $65.00 USD which is about 1200 pesos
at today's exchange rate.

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