s\v Elegant'sea sailing Marina Mazatlan to Stone Island

It was 7 knots of true wind with 9 knots of apparent wind and that gave us about 5.5 knots of speed. The wind was out of the SW and later clocked around to mostly West. The seas were flat but there was a decent size swell which was breaking on the beach.

End of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The end of El Cid Marina.
The channel exit is to the port as the break water
curves to port.  Looking back on El Cid Marina.
Debbie taking us out of the Mazatlán channel by El Cid Marina.
Looking back past El Cid Marina to the channel that goes to Marina Mazatlán and back into the estuary. There are lots of canals and bridges back there and it is fun to kayak or dinghy back there exploring.

The little stone beach which is part of El Cid Marina.
The exit to port.
We turned to port after the pile of jetty rocks
and the next point of land to go out through the islands.
Starboard side of the channel out.
Leaving the channel looking to the port side.
The channel entrance is side ways to the ocean. So you come in and turn to port. If you stay more port you avoid some of the rollers and breaking waves to the starboard.
Turned to the West now and heading out we immediately came upon a fish net.
To the starboard is Cerritos beach Mazatlán. Nice beach but rather steep for walking on although we did walk it all the way back to
This is just wrong (the fish net part)! Anyway, we decided to head along the coast and then up between the Islands, The Isle of Deer and The Isle of Wolves (Isla de Venados e Isla de Lobos).
We could have navigated around the net but it seemed easier to detour.
One reef in the head sail now. We are getting our sea legs back.
Debbie taking us out. We have the full main up
but the head sail has a reef in it to start out.

We have shaken out the head sail reef now and are enjoying a lovely sail.
Full sails out now.
Beautiful day!
Hamming it up.
The beach is Playa Olas Altas and is located in Old Mazatlán.
This is called The Malecon, that we sailed along
on the way back to the Marina staying inside the islands.
El Faro Island has the highest light house in the world.
We have friends that rent the top floor year round in the smaller condo building to the left. We called Boni to tell them to look out the window but I think it got lost in the conversation. Anyway, it was fun to call them.
Coming back to the channel.
This entrance is on the port side. Not an easy place to go in
and out of for the first few times and definately not at night.
Last fall when we came to Mazatlán we were about to enter the channel but wanted to get fuel at El Cid Marina to top off for the summer. Debbie called El Cid Marina to make sure the fuel dock was open. They said yes but....there is a dredge blocking the channel entrance a bit in. Wow! Lucky we had called because how would you know that! We did donuts for about three hours before they moved the dredge and went to lunch. Call first if you are not sure..El Cid Marina is on channel 16 and the Mazatlán morning net is on 72 at 8 30 am. We happen to be net controllers (s\v Elegant'sea) on Tuesdays for next two months.

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