New UV water treatment plant for s\v Elegantsea

We made a mount so we can temporally mount it on the stanchion.
Where we purchased our unit.

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This one purchased here in Mazatlán Mexico for $140 USD and makes 2 gal per minute. This one also has led lights to indicate the lamp is working and a shut off valve.

In Mexico they are used by condos, and homes, the systems are much bigger but mostly the same as this small one. They add water softener and possibly other items as well to the system. They sell lots of them and there are a lot of water stores in Mexico that sell filters and water and UV bulbs etc. So pricing here is much less. It is not a specialty item like in the US for boats and rv''s. 
 The filters are the same as the one below. The lamp is the trick.  You need say 6 watts per gal per minute. Do the math and you will see they both have that, Also the lamps and filters are a lot less here.
 We have the time to fill our tanks and we never need to fill them from scratch, usually about 30 gallons at a time or so which for us takes 15 min at 2 gal a minute.
The UV kills living organisms and other creatures. The other way is to use chlorine bleach. Then you need to know how much water you are putting in and measure the right amount of chlorine bleach.
The Water Fixer  is recommended by Practical Sailor and the 1000 model costs $500.00 USD. It makes 4 gallons a minute. It has a 25 watt UV bulb.
Cutting the plywood for the mount.
Another rail mount will be added to the one you see. But first it gets a paint job.
All painted\done and mounted on the rail.
The black and chrome deck fill is our fresh water fill on the starboard side.

We still need to clean up the wire to inside the boat.
We are also going to add an elbow so the out hose
does not go straight up but over to the tank.
LED lamp indicator lights.
SS tank.
This is kind of fuzzy but what the heck I posted it anyway.
Debbie is making a white Sumbrella cover for this UV water filter.

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