Mazatlan now has a VIP movie theater and right by us!

This mall, Galerias Mazatlan is by Marina Mazatlán and we can walk to it.
The movies Cinemex also has regular movies other than the VIP ones but we have gone just to the VIP ones lately. The VIP ones are called Platino.
When we sailed down to Acapulco we went to the VIP movies there and this is just as nice!
Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

A bar to the left. You get your ticket in the middle at the booth where you pick you seats out.
Pastries and coffee shop on the right.
And lets not forget the price. Two for one on Tuesday! So for 70 pesos or about $3.50 for the two for us. Also about 150 more pesos for snacks or about $7.00. So for about $10.00 USD  we both got to go to the VIP movies with snacks!   
Movie theaters.
Lounge area.
You can get half kettle corn and half pop corn if you like. No butter in any of the movie theaters here in Mexico for popcorn that we have been to.
Debbie at the goodies counter.

And we have a movie card so sometimes we get free snacks!
Seating is great. Two leather reclining love seats with a table and swing glass shelf. A button to call the waitress\waiter and there are blankets for the asking.
Getting set for our movie. We saw ''The Fate of the Furious (2017)'' or ''F8''
We went at 2pm so there were only a few couple there with us.
Putting my sandals back on after the show.

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